While insurance renewal rates continue to rise, ERChealth delivers a different experience year after year, keeping costs below market trend.

In 1999, our mission was to build a preferred risk pool for middle market employers that rewarded positive results and behaviors while providing security of large numbers for all. By leveraging our group as a whole, we could provide greater services, more affordably, than any one group could do on their own.

Over the years we’ve incorporated cutting edge programming and adapted to the needs of our employers and employees. The program will continue to evolve and bring you new resources designed to improve the health of your greatest asset–your employees and their families.

A cornerstone of ERChealth is our preventive care focus. This includes coverage for annual exams, employee screenings, and personal physician networks. Through our partnership with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, ERChealth employs an interactive Health Guide to help navigate the health care system and its benefits.

We also offer concierge-level customer service to your employees, awards and financial incentives to employees who commit to making healthy improvements in their lives, and a mobile app for employees to keep track of their positive changes.

We will never accept the status quo. Our customers know it, and depend on us to innovate and provide the best health insurance and health care options for their organization, employees and their families’ throughout the State of Ohio.