Great rates on midsize business health insurance, wellness programs, preventive care, and consistent savings.

ERChealth is a refreshing change from the status quo and a far departure from the traditional "smoke and mirrors" selling of corporate health insurance. If you are tired of poor service, lack of communication, or lousy rates consider ERChealth.

What qualifies as a midsize business?

This program is designed for employers in Ohio with a minimum of 51 and maximum of 500 eligible employees. It provides employers with the tools necessary to reduce claims and manage health insurance costs. 

Who supports the ERChealth program?

Underwritten by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, serving residents and businesses in Ohio, the ERChealth program is supported by local Anthem client and customer service and a dedicated ERChealth service team.

What benefits are included in the health insurance option for midsize businesses?

  • Annual preventive care campaign
  • Instant access to personal health information through our mobile app
  • An interactive Health Guide to help navigate the health care system and its benefits
  • Direct, concierge-level services for your employees
  • Awards and financial incentives for employees who commit to making healthy improvements in their lives
  • Exclusive ERC Associate Membership with optional upgrades