Mid-Sized Business Health Insurance in Ohio

Mid-Sized Business Health Insurance in Ohio

Great rates on mid-sized business health insurance, wellness programs, preventative care, and consistent savings.

ERChealth is a refreshing change from the status quo and a far departure from the traditional "smoke and mirrors" selling of corporate health insurance. If you are tired of poor service, lack of communication, or lousy rates consider ERChealth.

What qualifies as a mid-sized business?

This fully-insured program, designed for employers in Ohio with a minimum of 51 and maximum of 500 eligible employees, provides participating middle market employers the tools necessary to reduce claims and manage health insurance costs. There is not another program like ERChealth—the integration of a wellness and health education program enables participating employers to focus on managing employee claims.

Who supports the ERChealth program?

Underwritten by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, serving residents and businesses in Ohio, the ERChealth program is supported by local Anthem client and customer service and a dedicated ERChealth service team.

What benefits are included in the health insurance option for mid-sized businesses?

ERChealth includes: ERChealth select clinics, $5 co-pays, market bating group rates, free fitness club memberships, on-site wellness coaching, access to all major hospital systems, integrated health management, pharmacy benefit management, advantage of a preferred risk pool, and multiple plan design options.

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What are the benefits included in mid-sized business health insurance?

Onsite Wellness Coaches

Each company is assigned an ERChealth wellness coach available for monthly consultations.


ERChealth Select Clinics

This helps ERChealth members establish and maintain a relationship with a primary care physician.


Preventive Care Campaign

ERChealth helps members actively visit their physician to help identify risks and prevent illness.


Change the way your company handles health insurance.

ERChealth never excepts status quo, but rather continues to develop innovative and cost reducing strategies that benefit your employees and entire organization. Talk to an ERChealth representative today to get started with a new health insurance plan.

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