ERChealth provides health insurance for small businesses in Ohio with 2-50 employees.

ERChealth small business healthcare insurance is a fully-insured program sponsored by ERChealth and underwritten by UnitedHealthcare. In addition to great rates, ERChealth for Ohio businesses with 2 to 50 employees offers coverage to most major Ohio health systems and local and national coverage through UnitedHealthcare.

Why did ERC choose UnitedHealthcare for the ERChealth small business program?

ERC chose UnitedHealthcare because UnitedHealthcare:

  • Is a market leader with a strong local presence and national coverage.
  • Provides access to major Ohio health systems.
  • Focuses on health education, wellness, and consumer driven plans.
  • Has a reputation for excellent service and claims management.

Is this a one size fits all program?

We have multiple plan designs to choose from, and can match just about any program an employer currently has in place today. Of course, HSA and HRA options are also available.

What about ERChealth's healthcare premium rates?

The ERChealth program offers great initial low rates but our emphasis is really on keeping those rates low for the long term. The program's plan designs and wellness features provide a great opportunity for employers to have real control over health care costs.

When are renewals for health insurance for small businesses?

Organizations are offered a 12 month rate guarantee from the month that they become effective with ERChealth. Organizations continue to renew on that same 12 month period each year that they continue with ERChealth.