Small Business Healthcare Insurance in Ohio health insurance for small businesses

Small Business Healthcare Insurance in Ohio

ERChealth provides health insurance for small businesses in Ohio with 2-50 employees.

ERhealth small business healthcare insurance is a fully-insured program sponsored by ERChealth and underwritten by UnitedHealthcare.

Why did ERC choose UnitedHealthcare for the ERChealth small business program?

ERC chose UnitedHealthcare because UnitedHealthcare:

  • Is a market leader with a strong local presence and┬ánational coverage.
  • Provides access to major Ohio health systems.
  • Focuses on health education, wellness, and consumer┬ádriven plans.
  • Has a reputation for excellent service and claims management.
  • Is committed to Ohio.

Is this a one size fits all program?

Not at all. We have multiple plan designs to choose from, and can match just about any program an employer currently has in place today. Of course, HSA and HRA options are also available.

What makes ERChealth's small business healthcare insurance plan different?

Our health insurance for small businesses is for 2 to 50 employees. In addition to great rates, ERChealth for Ohio businesses with 2 to 50 employees offers:

  • Coverage to most major Ohio health systems.
  • Local and national coverage through UnitedHealthcare.

What about ERChealth's healthcare premium rates?

The ERChealth program offers great initial low rates but our emphasis is really on keeping those rates low for the long term. The program's plan designs and wellness features provide a great opportunity for employers to have real control over health care costs.

When are renewals for health insurance for small businesses?

Organizations are offered a 12 month rate guarantee from the month that they become effective with ERChealth. Organizations continue to renew on that same 12 month period each year that they continue with ERChealth.

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What are the benefits included in small business health insurance?

Employee Assistance Resources

  • Care24SM services offer employees a wide range of health care decision support and life events guidance, seven days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Toll-free phone number provides access to Registered Nurses, Master's-level counselors, legal and financial professionals and community resources
  • The Care24SM program is provided by UnitedHealthcare

Coverage for Part-Time Employees

  • UnitedHealth BasicsSM Plan for Part-time and Hourly employees who would otherwise be uninsured
  • Affordable alternative to traditional coverage
  • Covers essential care and includes preventative and routine services
  • UnitedHealthcare's powerful networks provide deep discounts for your employees

Medical Plans and Optional Benefits

  • Special, reduced rates save you money
  • A variety of Traditional, HSA or HRA plan designs
  • Multiple prescription drug coverage options
  • Dual Option plans allow employees to "buy up" for more comprehensive benefits
  • Optional benefits such as dental & vision can be added to upgrade your benefit plan

Cobra/FSA Administration

  • COBRA administration services include mailing of notices, monthly premium collection & distribution of HIPAA certificates
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) services include plan design, enrollment support and claims processing
  • Admin support and legal documents for Section 125 Pre-Tax Premium plans
  • Services are available to businesses with 20-50 eligible employees

Health Management

  • Simple, confidential online Health Risk Assessment identifies potential health issues for improvement
  • Telephonic personal health coaching helps employees and spouses change unhealthy behaviors
  • SMART HealthSM employee newsletter mailed home
  • Online behavior change programs and resources provide support and reinforcement

Customized Benefit Choices

  • Give employees additional value through voluntary benefits
  • No direct expense to you; employees pay 100% via convenient payroll deduction
  • Specialized enrollment teams will complete your benefits enrollment quickly and efficiently
  • Personalized employee illustrations are used to communicate the value of your employer-provided benefits

Change the way your company handles health insurance.

ERChealth never excepts status quo, but rather continues to develop innovative and cost reducing strategies that benefit your employees and entire organization. Talk to an ERChealth representative today to get started with a new health insurance plan.

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