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About ERChealth

ERChealth, in partnership with Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, is a leading provider of group health insurance.

ERC, the parent association of ERChealth, launched ERChealth in 1999 with a mission to provide Ohio-based, mid-sized companies with affordable, comprehensive, and quality health insurance for their employees. Through ERC and ERChealth, Ohio employers receive personalized employee resources and rewards to meet employee health and business HR needs.

Does your health insurance provider offer risk management strategies that help reduce your average renewal? ERChealth does.

By coordinating a central wellness strategy, sharing claim experiences, and rewarding participation and outcomes, our members gain buying power every year. We work closely with our members to identify and mitigate health risks. The result is a healthier workforce and a healthier bottom line for our clients.

ERChealth Provides:
  • Financial protection against high claim experience.
  • Annual risk management strategies.
  • A dedicated wellness consultant offering total program support.
  • Preventive care focus.
  • Concierge-level customer service through interactive Anthem Health Guides. Only available to mid-size companies through ERChealth.
  • Exclusive primary care physician relationships.
  • Annual, aggregate biometric reporting and evaluation.
Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Provides:
  • Preferred underwriting rating mode from a leading national carrier.
  • Discounted rates and extended rate guarantees.
  • Extensive medical/Rx plan designs along with optional ancillary coverage.
  • A robust local and national provider network.
  • Preferred risk pool protection, including large dollar claim pooling points.
ERC Membership Provides:

An additional benefit of the ERChealth program includes a required associate membership to ERC, the parent association of ERChealth. At $400 annually, this includes:

  • Weekly member newsletter containing general compliance and critical regulation updates.
  • ERC member rate on expert-led Human Resources webinars and events.
  • ERC member savings and preferred programs from Preferred Partners including Staffing, Retirement Plan Services and more.

ERChealth clients can access additional Human Resources support, including on-demand employee training, live HR guidance, national compensation data, and more, for an additional fee.

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