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ERChealth, your partner for quality, affordable health care for mid-size employers in Ohio for over 20 years.

Managing the costs of health insurance and benefits is a relentless, uphill climb. While insurance renewal costs continue to rise, ERChealth, underwritten by Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Ohio, delivers a different experience year after year keeping costs below market trend.

Financial Protection

ERChealth offers employers a preferred risk pool – a group of like-minded employers focused on controlling health insurance costs. The program rewards clients for performance and provides financial protection even in challenging years.

Preventive Care

Help detect health problems through screenings and tests before they become major issues. Improve members health outcomes and reduce health care costs by avoiding the need for more expensive treatments down the road.

Workplace Wellness

ERChealth’s dedicated wellness consultants provide total program support to help organizations build a culture of wellness. Organizations receive access to resources, apps, and employee rewards programs to support their wellness initiatives.

HR Support

ERChealth member organizations receive access to a robust suite of workforce and compensation data and real-time HR support exclusively for Ohio employers.

A Robust Wellness Program and Low Premiums Year After Year… This is why we’ve been ERChealth clients for 15+ years. We want to provide free opportunities for employees to access wellness resources and encourage them to make preventive care a priority by seeing their physicians once a year.

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ERChealth by the Numbers

ERChealth clients are wellness-minded, and by leveraging our strength as a whole, we can offer better services and benefits, more affordably, than any one group can. That’s why year after year, ERChealth premium rates and renewal costs are significantly below the market average.

75% of clients in ERChealth receive single digit renewals over 20+ years

ERChealth has averaged 90% retention each year

Clients earn renewal discounts and rewards based on employee participation and companies' annual experience

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